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*High lakes are stocked with fingerlings which are generally available for angling the following year. Acronyms used in the fish stocking reports:

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Note: A total of 6,601 trout were stocked during the time period. For questions regarding the trout stocking program, please call Dan Rankin at 864-654-6346.

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Spring trout stocking has ended. This list shows waters that have were stocked. Click for a list of all waters that will be stocked this year.

Spring trout stocking begins in March and runs through early June. For a listing of stocked waters and the anticipated number of fish to be stocked, click on the

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NH Fish and Game Department, guardian of the state’s fish, wildlife, and marine resources.

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January 6, 2016 Blackwater River Cacapon Park Lake Cedar Creek Lake Fitzpatrick Lake Lick Creek Pond Little Beaver Lake North Fork South Branch

Trout Stocking Report 8

2017 Spring Trout Stocking The 2017 spring trout stocking is complete. Below is a table of areas stocked and open to fishing at time of stocking.

DATE City/Town QTY SIZE (inch)WATER SPECIES 2017 Androscoggin County Year to Date STOCKING REPORT 4/19/2017 LISBON 300 10ANDROSCOGGIN R BROOK TROUT

From the state Department of Natural Resources.

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