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My teens LOVE to wear fluffy skirts that they can twirl around in. I decided to mix a regular skirt with some tulle, but since my teens find tulle to be itchy I made

Thanks for this tut!! It was well done and super easy to follow (even with the math!!) �� I made a skirt and posted the finished product on my blog, of course

Show off your support for the rebels with this fully-lined satin weave Star Wars skirt. Its black-and-white color scheme includes the X-Wing Fighter and the

How to Make a Summer Dress out of a Bedsheet. Is that summer dress you’ve been eyeing just too much for your tight budget? Make a summer dress out of a bedsheet to

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I used to think that a gathered skirt was the easiest skirt to sew. But I may have changed my tune. A circle skirt is possibly even easier!….especially if you leave

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Learn how to make this 10-Minute Skirt from re-purposing old shirts

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100+ free skirt patterns. Most of these patterns are easy to sew for any skill level. Includes all styles and sizes. Casual, ren’s and maternity.

That is just the cutest skirt, and I like baby’s skirt too! You will like this: So I was wandering around blogland, feeling a bit bored and looking for something

I made the infinity dress mostly following the instructions on knucklesalad. However, I thought it would be really useful to have a step-by-step, and the ones on

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How to Make a Full Belly Dance Skirt. These are instructions for making one of those dreamy, endless skirts— no matter how much you pull, tuck, turn, or whip ’em

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