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Knuckle tattoos are typically made up with one letter or symbol tattooed under each knuckle, and the thumb is almost always not used. Each hand gives you room for

Holly Heart videos (73 tube clips) By browsing flyflv.com website, you represent and warrant that (a) you are 18 years of age or older; and (b) your use of the

With a combined sixty years tattooing experience it was a logical progression to start working for themselves; thus the reason for the opening of Black Heart. Based

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Placement, healing method, and sunscreen all have to do with how well a tattoo holds up over time, and these images show that progression over various periods.

Our little guy, Brad Brown is on a road trip to visit our good Friends at TIME WILL TELL TATTOO, in Burlington Ontario March 4-16. Brad will be tattooing his heart

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teens are bound together by blood, making it the strongest bond that anyone can come across. And whether you currently love your teen or you currently loathe her

Miley Cyrus has seven tattoos on her right hand. The first of these was a small outline of a heart which she had tattooed on her right pinkie finger in September 2010.

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No matter what anybody says or believes the fact is evil is fascinating. Sometimes the fascination manifests itself in many art forms; history will vouch for that.

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What is more beautiful than two people finding each other in this crazy life and falling in love, and then getting married? How about if two tattoo enthusiasts fall

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