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I’m 27 and I’ve never had a problem getting sex. I did some modelling in high college and went

Beautiful Agony is dedicated to the beauty of human orgasm. This may be the most erotic thing you have ever seen, yet the only nudity it contains is from the neck up.

Today, a 29-year-old guy remembers what it felt like to touch a woman’s breasts for the very first time

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WEEKLY FEATURED PROGRAM: Our Lady Requested First Saturday Devotions – EWTN Makes It Easy! By Michelle Laque Johnson The world is becoming increasingly de

Confession Board. Read confessions or post your own while remaining anonymous on the confession board. No registration required. You can reply to other confessions by

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Womens Sex Confession 91

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Have you had sex with an uncircumcised man? I have, and let me tell you a few things about the uncut guy the regular American woman has no idea about.

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It’s really scary and also REALLY exciting to be confessing! The first time I really noticed my Mother as a “woman” and not as my Mom, was when I was only

SEX My man is a very wealthy man, there was nothing in life that I ever needed that I didn’t get. He made sure I did not come to expect an easy ride

Hi, I’m wanting to know in other people’s opinion the best way to tell my teen I want to have sex with her. We have always been good friends since I graduated

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i see a lot of “real” stories on here and find ALOT of them hard to believe. Mine however is real I swear on my mans grave. I am 25 now this happened when I

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